Kiln Dried Firewood for Sale by the Cord

Victoria Firewood is the proud owner of Canada’s first firewood powered firewood kiln. With the help of one of the world’s finest German smokehouse engineers, the Victoria Firewood team invented, designed and fine tuned “The Das Brennholz Ofen” right here in Victoria and we look forward to building more. Victoria Kiln Dried Firewood is heat treated up to at least 160 degrees fahrenheit for a minimum of 3 days using water, air, firewood and electricity only to power the fans. This ensures that every single piece has a moisture content rating below 21. The result is perfect, easy-to-light firewood every time without bugs, mold nor hassle.

We love the fact that Firewood is a carbon neutral heating resource. Whether it’s in the way we harvest, process, season, heat or transport our firewood, we intend on doing everything in our power to make it the cleanest burning renewable heating resource possible.

Kiln Dried Firewood Prices




Half Cord – $275
Full Cord – $475
Two Cords – $950
Three Cords – $1425
Four Cords – $1900

This is What Half a cord of Victoria Firewood looks like

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Naturally Seasoned Firewood by the Cord

Get the best locally sourced firewood from Victoria Firewood Inc. delivered in pallets by the cord. Our naturally seasoned firewood is limited in quantity so be sure to order your early!

Kiln Dried Firewood by the Cord

Kiln dried firewood from Victoria Firewood Inc is premium grade Fir that has been heated to a temperature of 160 degrees ferenheit for a minimum of 3 days to insure easy burning and no bugs! Order our kiln dried bulk firewood by the cord today!

Kiln Dried Firewood by the Bundle

Kiln dried firewood bundles are the most convenient and easy to use product we have to offer. The best part about bundles is that we never run out. Order a pallet of our local BC firewood bundles today!